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But not the limp, slimy kind! We love Hungarian creamed spinach, but for a change I devised a simple side dish and since then I even used it to fortify my mashed potatoes. The man may complain I experiment on him, but our meals are never boring.

I never cared for frozen spinach but after Leilah found a giant worm in hers, I will definitely not use it. I prefer my spinach fresh and tied together in a bunch; not in a bag with bits of it rotting in the middle. Lucky for me, fresh spinach is available year around and its one of the staples I get from New Leaf. I turn over every leaf for critters and wash each leaf separately. There is nothing worse than crunching on sand during dinner. I measure the spinach by handfuls. Whatever I can grasp with one hand is sufficient spinach for one serving.

2-3 handfuls of fresh spinach
2 Tbsp olive oil
4-6 cloves of garlic, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

• Check the spinach for critters.
• Chop the bigger pieces and cut the stems.
• Place in a large bowl and rinse well.
• Transfer to a colander to drip dry.
• Slowly heat the olive oil in a non stick fry pan.
• Add the chopped garlic and sprinkle salt on it.
• Slowly sauté the garlic for a couple of minutes, but do not burn.
• Add the drained spinach and toss to combine.
• Sauté the spinach on medium heat for one minute and then turn it over with a pair of kitchen thongs.
• Sauté for one minute. You don’t want the spinach to cook, just want to wilt it.
• Sprinkle with ground pepper and serve immediately.


  1. Zsuzsa, I love spinach and your dish looks so inviting! The mashed potatoes and spinach looks like perfect comfort food! Have a great week!

    1. You too Kathy! Your almond cake looks amazing. It IS a winner. :-)

  2. What a quick little side dish and the idea of mixing them with mashed potatoes is just downright awesome! Love this!!!!

    1. Thank you Peach Lady! It was a spur of a moment decision.

  3. I love spinach and this recipe is SO good. It reminds me of my mom's though she used to add a cup or two of cooked rice to the wilted spinach and mixed it through. Then, she serve it as a side to sauteed chicken livers. Yummy.

    1. I will give your mom's idea a try. We eat a lot of spinach. Still hoping to develop some muscles in my arms. [It doesn't seem to be working.]

  4. It's similar to your potatoes/spinach idea, a combination of a starch and spinach. The butter or oil you saute the spinach in transfers colour and flavour to the rice making for a pretty presentation too rather than just that bland white rice colour.




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