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This is the order of breading: flour, eggs, breadcrumbs.

Use a large Dutch pot, don’t use a fry pan. The amount of oil needed depends on the size of your pot. Maintain a steady, low medium frying temperature and avoid piercing the meat. If the oil is not hot enough, the chicken will absorb too much oil and the crust will be soggy. If the oil is too hot, the crust will look great, but then you put it on a plate and in a few minutes, you notice a pool of blood under your chicken. So the challenge is to get the oil to the right temperature and then to fry up the chicken in an even, steady pace. The meat inside has to be tender, juicy and fully cooked and the crust should be light and crispy. Never place a lid on the pot while frying the chicken. It gets cooked with the lid on alright, but the crust will become a soggy mess. Hungarian fried chicken is best freshly fried; reheating alters its flavour. But they are delicious cold!

chicken breast and legs
1-1/2 cups flour
2 eggs, well beaten
2 cups breadcrumbs
2-3 inches of oil for deep frying

• Quarter the breast meat and divide the legs.
• Remove the skin, sinew and fatty bits, wash and pat dry.
• Lightly salt each piece.
• Set out 3 plates, one each: flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.
• First, roll the chicken through a shallow plate of flour.
• Next, dip each piece directly into the beaten eggs.
• Finally, roll the pieces into the breadcrumbs.
• Press the crumbs into the chicken to assure even coverage.
• In a large, heavy Dutch pot add 2-3 inches of oil for frying.
• Heat the oil slowly to a low medium heat.
• When the oil is ready to fry, slide in a piece of chicken.
• Wait a little before adding the next one.
• Depending on the size of the pot, fry 2 or 3 chicken pieces at a time.
• Leave lots of room for each piece for turning and not touching.
• On steady heat fry chicken pieces to golden brown.
• Pierce through the thickest parts, if clear juices run the chicken is done.
• Drain on paper towel.

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