SZÖRP is a Hungarian sugary fruit concentrate that is used to make fuzzy non alcoholic drinks. Before the days of juice and cola, Hungarians mixed their szörp, with soda water. Raspberry and orange cordials with soda water were a standard fare of large gatherings. Most popular of course was the raspberry. I can’t remember a get-together without some málnaszörp with soda water. The food would be laid out in the main room and the drinks were relegated to the kitchen. What can I say there was always some spillage with szörp traffic. The szóda szifon tended to overshot... If there were alcoholic drinks as well, the men would congregate in the kitchen... making it however tiny the kitchen was the most popular, action packed place in the house.  

plum cordial
club soda, chilled

  • Add a few tablespoons of plum cordial to a glass and top it up with chilled club soda and you have your plum fizzy.
  • How sweet you make it is a matter left to personal taste. 

I liked mine less sweet. Drop in a couple of ice cubes and you already have a wonderful beverage. Don’t substitute flavoured sodas or ginger ale for the club soda. A small amount of cordial will make the drink plenty sweet, besides you don’t want to mix unrelated flavours. 

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