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These eggs were one of my fondest memories of supper. Supper or as Hungarians call it vacsora is a light meal. We never had eggs for breakfast we only had it in the evening. These eggs were rare; we only had it when the large yellow peppers were in high season.

If you are wondering, where is the paprika? In Hungarian “paprika” can mean one of two things. Paprika can mean the vegetable, capsicum or the spice made from the red ones... This is no more confusing then the use of pepper in English. It can mean the vegetable or the totally unrelated spice, black pepper.

Making eggs in the skillet requires two things. The first one is the temperature. Too high temperature is the death of eggs. Leathery, burnt eggs have a foul flavour and a nasty texture. Cook it on medium heat, not too low and not too high. The other factor is the use of lard. Yes lard! You can make it with oil, butter or margarine, but those eggs will taste better and cook up easier if you use lard or shortening. I avoid shortening for health reasons but there is nothing wrong with a bit of lard. Fat is the substance human brain cannot function without. When you get to be a senior citizen like me, you are increasingly aware how people pass from this world. For some unknown reason, statistics show that there are more incidences of Alzheimer’s among skinny people. Could it be they failed to feed the brain with fat?

Bell Pepper Eggs - Zöldpaprikás Rántotta

1 large Hungarian yellow pepper [not hot], sliced
1 Tbsp lard
3 eggs
salt to taste

  • Quarter a large yellow pepper, remove and discard the core and the stem.
  • Slice the flesh into strips.
  • Break the eggs into a bowl and set it aside.
  • Heat up a non-stick skillet on medium heat.
  • Add the lard and melt it.
  • Add the sliced pepper and sauté for two minutes stirring often.
  • Meanwhile whisk well the eggs and salt it to taste.
  • Pour the eggs onto the peppers, tilting the pan.
  • Make sure the temperature is at medium. Gently pull parts and turn over to cook the eggs evenly.
  • When the eggs are no longer runny but still shiny in parts remove the skillet from the heat. There still be residual heat left and the egg will continue to cook.  
  • Serve immediately with a thick slice of homey bread.



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