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The butter flavour is always intense. If this recipe looks familiar, it is because it is. It only took me 10 years to figure out why these potatoes sometimes work and why they don’t. It is because of the type of potato I use. Large russets [baking potatoes] are the best. Forget the red ones.

The Story:

Horseshoe Bay is a gateway community to British Columbia's Westcoast. This very picturesque village has the terminal for Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, and to Bowen Island and Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. It is also the starting point of the Sea to Sky Highway that hangs on cliffs as it winds its way along Howe Sound to Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

Located at the entrance of Howe Sound, Horseshoe Bay is a bedroom community for Vancouver and area with interesting shopping, marina and full tourist facilities. In one of the quaint little restaurants with the red chequered tablecloths was where I first tasted butter fried potatoes.

Butter Fried Potatoes

2 large russet potatoes, scrubbed clean 
2 Tbsp butter 
1 Tbsp olive oil 
salt to taste 

• Slice the potatoes. 
• Heat up the skillet and melt the 2 Tbsp butter with 1 Tbsp olive oil on high heat. 
• Add the potato slices and sprinkle them with salt. 
• Turn down the heat to medium and place a lid on the top. 
• Occasionally shuffle the potato slices, but there is no need for all the slices to crisp up. 
• After 10 minutes remove the lid and serve.



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