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Liquoring the Easter Monday sprinkling-visitors was probably the only time I saw an array of liqueurs while growing up. My parents didn’t drink; they neither had the time nor the inclination. So before Easter the annual 2 litres of barack p├ílinka that my other grandma cooked up for us was turned into a variety of liqueurs, using chocolate, coffee, walnut and orange essences. I snuck a few swigs from it when nobody was looking and my two absolute favourites were the coffee and the walnut flavoured liqueurs. My husband cooks up the stuff now, but he uses vodka for the base. Darn it all, for my old age I developed an alcohol allergy. I am not exactly sure what kind of booze I am not allergic to, but the prospect of going into an anaphylactic shock stops me from experimenting. However, I am happy to say I can liberally cook and bake with booze and I love the flavour booze gives to my cooking. 

This is a lovely almond flavoured drink with a slightly bitter taste. Recipe is by Margaret Garfield from “Garfield’s Party Time Favorites”. Amaretto extract and smoothy crystals can be purchased at any wine supply store. 

2 Tbsp Amaretto extract
1-1/2 cups sugar
6 tsp smoothy crystals
40% Vodka
• Combine extract, sugar and crystals in blender.
• Add the vodka to the 32 oz or 1 L mark [4 cups] on blender.
• Blend at low speed until sugar and crystals are dissolved.
• Bottle.
• Improves with age.



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