Anyone who ever experimented making artisan breads knows that sticky dough is notoriously difficult to get off surfaces.

One would think the best way to clean off sticky dough is to put every bowl and utensil into hot, soapy water. Except heat makes the sticky dough even stickier, and you end up smearing the gloppy mess everywhere. Someone said put the dough in the composter not to clog up your sink. Fair enough, but who said you have to flush it down the drainpipe? Besides  composting dough in the backyard is a bad idea. The one advice every composter comes with, and we have four, is never to put carbohydrate or protein into the composter, because it brings rodents into the yard. So after cleaning up huge messes and throwing away brand new dishcloths and soaking bowls for days, I decided to share my experience on this sticky subject.

Cleaning Off Sticky Dough:

 Cutting Board:

  • The cutting board is the easiest to clean. Leave it to dry and just scrape the dough off with a plastic dough scraper. Metal scraper can scratch the surface so use it with caution.

 Utensils and Mixing Bowl:

  • Fill the bowl part of the way with COOL water and place all non-wood utensils inside for 15 minutes. Don’t leave them soaking too long though.
  • Rub the loosened dough off the utensils with your fingers. If you have nice nails, wear a plastic glove.
  • Then with a rigid plastic spatula, scrape the loosened dough off the bowls.
  • Let the water down the drain and scoop up the accumulated dough with paper towel.
  • Use more cool water to wash off everything.
  • Finish cleaning the bowls and the utensils with hot, soapy water just as you would wash the rest of the dishes.

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