"Well what could possibly go wrong?” You threw it together several times, you are making it for company and darn it, it’s not working! You are probably familiar with the concepts of Finagle’s or Murphy's Law. It goes like this: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Yes, this is a recipe of sorts. But that’s not the point. The title should have read testing and recording.

We, home cooks are positivist creatures; we keep inducing chemical reactions in our lab without the faintest of idea of why or how. Consequently we take endless liberties with recipes and are most surprised when things go awry. If you are like me, assuming all you have to do is throw a few things together and surprise, surprise it works and then the next time fails… that is when instead of a small dish of dipping sauce you end up with 3 cups of the stuff…Why would I bother? Well… because… the commercial stuff is not very good.

So… unless you happen to be a genius it is a good idea to measure and record every change you make to a recipe. Rate it, “too sweet” or “awful” in fact cross those out. This way you will personalize the recipe to suit your tastes and ensure that you can repeat it, or never, [whichever may be the case] and it will be the same ever after that. Most recipes are too salty for my taste, so I automatically reduce the salt and occasionally realize that the salt the recipe called for would have been perfect. So I write in “keep salt”. This may seem like the most redundant recipe ever, but if your honey mustard is a hit and miss… try to keep a record… because sometimes even the simplest of things will go wrong.

Honey Mustard

1/4 cup full fat mayonnaise
1 Tbsp liquid honey
1 Tbsp French mustard
1/4 cup 14% sour cream

  • Combine ingredients in a small dish and stir smooth.

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