You just made a rich meat soup from pork or beef. If you set aside the meat and the vegetables, you can make a second meal. Keep the meat warm and prepare the sauce from the vegetables that cooked in the soup. Include the onion and the garlic, but discard the woody vegetables.

variety of cooked soup vegetables
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp mustard
1 Tbsp flour
vegetable soup as needed
3 Tbsp oil
1 Tbsp sugar
salt and pepper to taste

• Place the vegetables in the food processor.
• Add the sour cream, mustard and the flour.
• If needed, add some soup stock.
• Puree just until no big chunks remain.
• If you use a blender, add some soup stock and make sure the vegetables are not completely pureed. It is more authentic and tastes better if small uniform chunks remain in the sauce.
• Transfer the pureed vegetables into a medium Dutch pot.
• Pour the oil into a non-stick fry pan, sprinkle with the sugar and mixing continuously with a wooden spoon until the sugar is slightly caramelized. Remove from heat and with the wooden spoon carefully scoop the oil and sugar mixture into the Dutch pot.
• Add more soup stock if needed.
• Add salt and pepper to taste and heat through.
• Slice the meat and pour some of the sauce on top.
• Serve with Hungarian bread dumplings or with kitchen towel dumplings.

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