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The first time I made this it was late and dinner had to be on the table in fifteen. I had some leftovers, but potatoes would have been nice with the meal. All I had at home were two very large russets. [Not the ones in the photo] I specially bought them for oven baking and it would have been a crime to boil them in a pot or to bake them in a microwave. Baking potatoes in the microwave is always a challenge. The skin of a potato becomes thick with the flesh fusing to the inside and bits of it gets rock hard. Not very nice! 

The answer is partial microwaving. Depending on the size it can take from 4 to 8 minutes for very large potatoes. Take them out when they still have a bit of resistance when pressed. Cut them in half and finish them slow frying face down in a very small amount of oil and butter. All it takes is five minutes and you end up with soft baked potatoes with crunchy tops. The best part is you don’t have to flavour them with butter and sour cream or the usual fixings. The amount of fat used to slow fry four potatoes will be less then the butter you normally put on just one baked potato. On top of the time saving aspect you also get a tastier and healthier baked potato. Any potatoes will do. I made this from a wide variety of potatoes and each time it was a success. 

2 healthy potatoes 
sprinkling of salt and seasoning of choice 
1 Tbsp olive oil 
1/2 Tbsp butter 

• Scrub the potatoes and poke them all over with a knife. 
• Microwave potatoes from 4-8 minutes depending on the size. 
• Take them out when they still have a little resistance when pressed. 
• Cut them half lengthwise. 
• Sprinkle with salt and seasoning of choice. 
• Slowly heat the oil and melt the butter in a non stick fry pan. 
• Add the potatoes facing down. 
• Slow cook on low medium heat until the potatoes get a crispy, golden crust on one side. 
• Serve immediately.

Not quite finished baking



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