Quickly thrown together from fresh dough and leftover garlic potatoes, this was a lunch extender to accompany a bowl of cream soup today. There are endless variations of potato filled flatbreads in the various cuisines. Which one was this? This was just Zsuzsa. Well Imre had a nice lunch. It is best eaten hot off the pan. The reason I didn’t put salt right into the dough, I wasn’t sure how much dough I will need for one meal and raw salted dough doesn’t keep; it turns grey in the fridge quite fast. If you are certain you will use all the dough, add the salt along with the flour. Otherwise season the flatbreads on the plate. Recipe makes 3 potato filled flatbreads.

I hope everyone had lovely Bunny Times yesterday! We did, although last night’s Cosmos leaded us down. [No kidding the episode was about lead!] Earlier I had an unexpected visit from our next door neighbour to which the Jim, [Jimre, Imre] replied “Why? We are not dead yet.” He takes Monty Pythonism seriously, unfortunately not everyone gets his jokes. As for me, the unexpected act of kindness from an old neighbour pretty much choked me up. Thank you Pat and Al, it was good to have you next door for the past 36 years!

2 eggs 
1-1/2 cups leftover seasoned mashed potato [mine was with garlic] 
2 Tbsp olive oil 
salt and pepper to taste 

• Place 2 eggs into a mixing bowl. 
• Add sufficient flour to make soft pliable dough. 
• Divide into six parts and form them into balls. 
• Roll two balls into thin 8 inch rounds. If the dough sticks to the roller, you need to knead more flour into the dough. 
• Spread 1/2 cup of seasoned mashed potato on the round, leaving 1 inch around the perimeter free. 
• Lightly wet the edge with water and lay the second round on top. 
• Press down on the perimeter sealing the potato filling inside. 
• Repeat with the remaining dough. 
• Heat a non stick skillet on medium heat and drizzle it with olive oil. 
• Add the potato filled flatbread and lightly fry it on both sides. 
• Season and place on a platter and serve immediately.

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