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This is a very pleasant apple dish when you want something quick and light. We had it the other day, just for the pleasure of it and because our golden delicious apples are extra delicious this year. I concocted it years ago during a particularly lengthy heartburn episode. This is an inherited weakness tied to stress and digestion. My dad was a dental technician and I watched him for years working away in his lab, doubled over in pain, with a large bottle of Salvus by his side. The Salvus Víz was for the heartburn. It came in what looked like a wine bottle. Anyone not knowing the truth would have thought Apa had a drinking problem. I am more of a baking soda girl. Luckily this does not happen often, but when it does, even water gives me heartburn. There have been times in my life when I practically lived on this dish. Even if everything fails me, there is still my apple dish; lovely and comforting.
2 golden delicious apples
1 Tbsp sugar sprinkling of cinnamon [almost nothing]
2 tsp flour
1 tsp butter light sprinkling of light flaky cereal [ nothing robust or heavy]
• Wash, peel, core and slice the apples.
• Place in a medium sized bowl.
• Add the sugar, flour, a light sprinkling of cinnamon, and gently toss with the hands.
• Transfer to a microwavable serving dish.
• Dot the top with butter, and microwave for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes.
• Sprinkle with a light corn flakey cereal, I used Honey Bunches of Oats. [In my opinion bran flakes would be too robust.]
• Serve warm.


  1. A couple of years ago I had a bout of heart burn so I googled and googled and found that apple cider vinegar is said to help but the best solution for me was eating a Jonagold apple; the site I found suggested a few slices before and after you eat. It actually worked very well for me and fortunately I no longer suffer from it (not sure what the circumstances were for the episode but I am glad it's gone — my Mom had it very badly for many years and had to take prescription drugs to help combat it).
    This apple dish is very comforting and I love the textural addition of the honey bunches of oats, I might even change that out to some granola mixed with nuts. Such a pretty colour too. You are very lucky to have your own apple trees. Have a great weekend.

  2. You too Eva. Have a nice weekend! Isn't it interesting about apples soothing sore bellies... But apple cider vinegar? I never would have thought of that.

  3. I like a lot an idea of a light and quick apple dessert (especially since I am preparing now something veeery chocolatey, full of butter etc. and already feel guilty before tasting it).
    Strangely the only time I had heartburn was when I was forced (in some French places) to eat sweet stuff (brad with jam or croissants) for breakfast because there wasn't anything else... I just cannot stand sweets for breakfast (well most of the time I cannot stand anything apart from coffee but if I have a late breakfast it's never sweet).

  4. Sissi, I’m totally in agreement with the breakfast thing. I start with coffee and eat later and the only breakfast cereal I ever eat is the one I make myself. But even that I prefer as a snack. On the other hand, my husband is a committed porridge guy and the only time we eat the same thing is when he desires eggs. As far as the heartburn goes, huh you are still a baby. :-)

  5. Zsuzsa, I have talked today to my mum about it today: she and no one in our family seems to have the heartburn, even people older than she is... Maybe it's genetic?

  6. It definitely is Sissi. Count your blessings. :-)




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