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Let me just start with this, I don’t trust the food industry. Most juices are made from concentrate, unless of course the label says 100% fruit juice. But I have yet to find 100% prune juice. The prune juice Jim drinks has been giving me the willies so I decided to lure him over to the homemade stuff. It worked, and now all I have to do is keep up with the demand and come next fall dry every blessed prune that grows on the tree. I seriously doubt I will have enough prunes for this year. Commercially dried prunes are soaked in sulphites so it’s debatable if using them would be an improvement over the store bought juice. So let’s just hope I have enough bottles with dried prunes on the shelves downstairs for part of the year.

The process is easy and the ingredient list is short. All you need is dried prunes, boiled water and a sweetening of choice. Oh and a blender. I sweetened mine with La Bona Vita English Toffee syrup; remember I wanted to lure him over to homemade. The following recipe makes exactly 4 cups or 1 litre of prune juice.
1 cup pitted dried, prunes
sterilized water
3 Tbsp sweetener of choice
• Boil 5 cups of water for 5 minutes.
• Put 1 cup of dry prunes into a heat proof glass jar.
• Add enough of the boiled water to cover prunes.
• Cover the prunes and set aside the remaining water for use later.
• Let the prunes soak for 24 hours.
• Pour the prunes and the soaking liquid into a blender.
• Puree until smooth.
• Place a fine sieve over a 4 cup/1 litre measuring cup.
• Force the prune-puree though the sieve. Discard solids.
• Top up the prune-puree to 4 cups from the reserved water and stir.
• Sweeten with the sweetener of choice.
• Pour the prune juice into a sterilized jar with a well fitting lid and refrigerate.
• Homemade prune juice keeps in the refrigerator for 1 week.


  1. I had to laugh about your comment about the juice Jim drinks giving you the willies! Most nutritionists would recommend to eat your fruit and not drink it. I've only bought Prune juice once when we were in England and I just had too much cheese ;-). It was over $10 for about 940 mL. But I think it was organic and not very sweetened either.
    Do you mean that organic dried prunes also are saturated with sulphites?

  2. Eva, prunes can be organic and still contain sulfite. Unless the package or the bottle says sulfite free, it probably isn't.

  3. I'm with you on buying fruit juice! I only buy it when I have a recipe that calls for it and that's not often. I don't know if I've ever known anyone that makes her own prune juice. :) You sure make it look and sound good! Hopefully, Jim will convert.

  4. Happy to report he did. I just started the next batch this morning.

  5. Zsuzsa, I am regularly amazed discovering such incredible things on your blog. Is prune juice popular in Canada? Hungary? You know, prune drink (whole prunes cooked in water like for example the cherry drinks which are made into big jars in Hungary) is the traditional drink for Christmas Eve in Poland! I have always thought no one in the world makes anything to drink based on prunes! One lives and learns! It looks delicious and I really must try making it one day. (It would taste great with a splash of slivovica and prunes in chocolate I prepare quite often ;-) ).

  6. Sissi, prune juice serves the same purpose as bran flakes and they both taste hideous IMO. This one I could actually drink it if I had to, so yes, it would be great with slivovica. This is quite pleasant and requires very little preparation once you have the prunes at hand.

  7. When it comes to constipation, if you hear up the prune juice, it works even better. Learned that from a nurse and it's true.

    1. hear hear I will heat it up




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