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No, you don’t have to cook them, peel them or anything. Freezing tomatoes is the absolute easiest thing to do. I took a few pictures after harvesting this batch, I wasn’t sure why at the time, but after talking to my friend who spent the afternoon cooking and peeling tomatoes for her freezer yesterday, I decided to put this on.

zyplock bags

• Select healthy, firm tomatoes of any type or size.
• Wash them and drain them.
• Lay them on a clean kitchen towel to dry off all the water droplets.
• When the tomatoes are completely dry, pack them into zyploc bags and freeze.

When you make soup, stew, or anything that requires tomatoes in a sauce, unzip the bag and take out a frozen tomato. Hold the tomato under warm running tap water for a few seconds. Rub it between your hands and the skin will just come off. Now drop the tomato into the pot. It’s that easy. For making lecsó, I lay the skinned tomatoes on a plate and partially thaw them before chopping them up.



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