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This would be good cake roll for a diabetic or for someone wanting to cut calories. I filled it with sugar free apricot jam. At first it may seem like I was skimpy on the jam, but the amount given will be more than sufficient. Sugar free jam tends to be a bit runny and soaking the cake is not a good idea. I used the ‘allfruit’ brand; it is thicker and less runny than other sugar free brands. Eventually I will calculate the calories; in the meantime I am happy with the result.

6 egg yolks
2 tbsp water
1 cup cake flour
lemon zest, finely grated
6 egg whites
125 ml sugar free apricot jam

• Beat the egg yolks and 2 Tbsp water for 8 whole minutes.
• In a separate bowl whisk together the zest and the cake flour.
• Gradually beat the flour mixture into the yolk mix.
• Wash the beaters and beat the egg whites until very stiff peaks form.
• Gradually and gently fold the egg whites into the beaten egg yolks.
• Line a large, cookie sheet with parchment paper. Make sure the parchment overhangs the cake pan on every side.
• Pour the batter onto the cookie sheet.
• Gently smooth out the top.
• Bake at 350F until the middle springs back.
• Remove from the oven.
• Grab a hold of the overhanging parchment and quickly slide the hot cake onto the counter.
• With the parchment paper still attached, immediately roll up the cake from the short side.
• Let rolled up cake cool.
• Carefully unroll cake and gently peel off the parchment paper.
• Spread lightly with sugar free apricot jam.
• Reroll the cake and wrap it up with a clean towel.
• Put it in the freezer for 1 hour.
• Remove cake from the freezer and slice neatly with a chef’s knife.



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