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Most of the time you can’t even find it, but when you do how do you know its real marzipan? These are the reasons I make it myself. You can use marzipan dipped in chocolate, coloured, flavoured or formed into candies and decorations, or sometimes in recipes like stollen.

1-1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
2 cups ground blanched almonds (the finer the ground, the better)

• Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and cook until the sugar dissolves.
• Add the almonds and cook it until the batter stops sticking to the pan.
• Remove from heat and place on a flat surface.
• While still warm, knead first with a spatula and then by hand until smooth.
• Wrap the marzipan in plastic wrap and store it in an airtight plastic bag.
• If marzipan is dry, soften it with a small amount of syrup. If too soft, add icing sugar to it.


  1. Zsuzsa, it's one of the most precious recipes I have ever seen. It seems so simple and quick to prepare. My husband loves marzipan and almonds in general, so it will be great fun to surprise him with home-made marzipan. Thank you so much! (By the way, have you ground the almonds on your own or did you buy them finely ground? I find ground almonds here, but they are coarser than they should be for marzipan I think; when I make French Financiers I have to sieve the ground almonds and use only powder).

  2. I bought it at the bulk section of the local supermarket. It was so fine; it looked more like almond meal. Unfortunately, this is not a staple product and they only carry it before Christmas and Easter. It would be a tedious job, but a small electric coffee grinder could turn the ground almond into almond meal. Better yet, try to talk to a bakery they might sell you a small bag of it. The recipe is very easy and considering how expensive marzipan is, it is well worth making it. Good luck Sissi!

  3. Thank you, Zsuzsa!




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