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I used to make them regularly when my children were small, these days not so much. To use up last summer’s apples I was making today the last batch of apple pies for the freezer. I make most of my pies for a pie loving bachelor friend, and even though I have a stack of them already, by next summer there I will be pie-less. I had a clump of pastry left. Now you know what happens to clumps of leftover pastry, you put them in the fridge and next time you clean fridge you throw them in the trash. This time a muse hit me and I made it into jam tarts. No need to blind bake, nothing will happen if you bake the fully assembled tart. All you need for jam tarts is a good pastry.

leftover pie pastry
nuts, finely ground

Divide the leftover pastry and form them into little balls.
On a floured board roll them quite thin and place them in a muffin pan.
Add 1 tsp of jam and 1 Tbsp of nuts to each little tart.
Bake it at 400F until the pastry edges are nicely browned.


  1. It's incredible, another similar recipe we share without knowing! I make tartlets with jam all the time. It's a perfect way to use up leftover jam. However I have never added ground nuts on top. It sounds like a fantastic and very tasty idea! I will try it next time.

  2. It is picturesque lining up little tarts with different coloured jams, I was actually tempted to do it for the picture, but the nuts make them less sweet. Since I never put sugar in my pie pastry, actually it is a little on the salty side, the nuts and the pastry completely balances out the jam. In the end, these jam tarts are not all that sweet, which I like. I will look for your recipes Sissi. :)

  3. I have never written about the jam tartlets (although I make them very often!).

  4. ah but I found something very similar, titled Mirlitons de Rouen, or Almond Tartlets Filled with Jam.

  5. Oh, but Mirlitons are the "elegant" version and a real recipe ;-) My jam tartlets are much more down to earth: leftover pastry sheet and leftover jam... Mirlitons include custard cream and almonds... They are much much better than the normal jam tartlets I make.

  6. I'm sure they are delicious!




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