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This is the master recipe but there is a lot of leeway with making this bark. I tend to make it at the end of my Christmas baking frenzy from the last bit of chocolates I have left. In this instance, I still had a large block of white Callebaut and one square of semisweet and one square of bitter chocolates left. I used more apricots, because I like them. Considering that, bittersweet chocolate is more expensive, combining the semisweet and the bitter chocolates was a great idea. I may do that again. It is important to use good quality chocolate, either Callebaut or Ghirardelli or at the very least Baker’s chocolate squares. Do not add anything to the chocolate; melt it, but just barely! Then let it solidify at room temperature and the chocolate shine is sure to stay.

6 squares of white chocolate, chopped
6 squares of bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 cup dried apricots

• Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
• Place a layer of dried apricots in the pan.
• Place a non-stick fry pan on medium heat.
• Add the white chocolate to the pan.
• Continually stirring melt the chocolate partially, with chunks remaining.
• Remove from heat and stir until the remaining chunks have melted.
• Spoon the melted chocolate over the apricots. A flexible rubber spatula will ensure there is no waste.
• Add the chopped dark chocolates to the fry pan and continually stirring partially melt that too.
• Remove chocolate from heat and stir until all the chunks have melted.
• Spoon the dark chocolate over the white chocolate at intervals.
• With the end of a knife, draw the white and dark chocolate together to give a marble effect.
• Let bark chill and then brake into pieces.


  1. OMG between all the beautiful Magyar recipes and now this, I will be busy cooking up a storm this year! My Hungarian FIL will love me! Cheers. Jules in Oz

    1. Good luck with cooking!

  2. I made this bark last Christmas and it went by VERY quickly! Plan to make it again this December! thank you :-D




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