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These are so easy kids can make it. I did not use the entire box of Villa wafers; I measured out 250 grams, which is 4 cups plus an additional seven extra wafers. The crushed wafers measured only a scant 2 cups. I rolled my raffaellos into a white chocolate and roasted hazelnut mixture.

4 cups + 7 pieces of Nilla vanilla flavoured wafers
1 can of sweetened condensed milk [300 ml]

2 cups of very finely chopped white chocolate bits and finely crushed, roasted hazelnuts*

• Crush the wafers in the food processor. You can crush them by a rolling pin, but make sure the pieces are small and uniform.
• Place the crushed wafers in a medium sized bowl.
• Add the sweetened condensed milk.
• Mix to combine.
• Place your choice of covering in a larger plastic container.
• Scoop out a small amount of cookie mix and shape it into a ball.
• Roll it into the covering. You will have to roll these one by one, because they will be sticky, which is good because you want the covering to stick to the little cookie balls.
• Next, chill the raffaellos.
• Place the chilled cookies into small confectionary liners.
• If you make these ahead of time freeze them.
• Otherwise, store them in the fridge in covered containers.

*Or roll raffaellos into different crushed nuts, bits of white chocolate or shredded coconut or all of the above.



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