Jim looks for sales. That's how I ended up with two pounds of rock hard brown sugar. Which reminded me of the beloved character on the old Anne of Green Gables television series. Matthew goes to Carmody to buy Anne a dress. But before he says what he really came in the store for he asks for 20 pounds of brown sugar: “... now--if it isn't too much trouble--I might as well--that is--I'd like to look at--at--some sugar." ... "I'll--I'll take twenty pounds of it," says Matthew, with beads of perspiration. Poor Marilla, she didn’t have a microwave! 

Soften Brown Sugar

  • Place the brown sugar block in a microwavable bowl.
  • Cover the bowl with two sheets of moist paper towel and cover it with a plate.
  • Microwave it for 20 seconds.
  • If you have a large block, turn it over and repeat it.
  • Repeat at 20 second increments until the brown sugar begins to melt in spots.
  • Remove and start chopping at it with a heavy knife.  Don’t use your expensive chef’s knife. By then the sugar should be malleable enough.
  • You can also soften brown sugar with a slice of bread, but it takes several days and I found it hardens up again. 

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