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These are delicious canapés and you can make a lot rather quickly. The recipe was adapted from Chef Linda Weiss: Pepperoni Pizza Tomatoes. Not being overly fond of pepperoni, I replaced it with a Hungarian salami look alike, not as good as the original, but still better than a pepperoni. I had really nice mozzarella, but you can use white cheddar or a mixture of Italian cheeses as Weiss have done. Made in larger tomatoes, one of these with a green salad will make a meal. I used smallish wine ripened tomatoes. In winter I would use Roma tomatoes cut lengthwise with a little slice off the bottom to make them stand up straight. The scooped out portion is worth saving for soups or stews; freeze, date and label.
6 small wine ripened tomatoes
salt to taste
1/2 fresh garlic, diced
6 slices of dry salami
1 cup mozzarella cheese, crumpled
1/2 tsp dried oregano, crumpled
• Preheat the oven to 400F.
• Spray an ovenproof baking dish with cooking spray.
• Cut the tomato tops off and scoop out the seeds and the pulp. Reserve these for some other use.
• Lightly salt the inside of the tomatoes and add a couple of pieces from the diced garlic.
• Place 1 slice of dry salami inside the hollowed out tomato. If the tomato is larger, you may need more than one slice of salami.
• Place a bit of crumpled up herb inside. I used home dried oregano leaves.
• Divide the crumpled up cheese on the top. Pile it up, the cheese will settle down inside as it bakes.
• Bake the tomatoes for 20 minutes or until the cheese tops are bubbly. • Serve immediately.
• Can be eaten as a canapé or smeared on toasted baguette slices.



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