It was the colourful photos that initially attracted me to this salad. The first time I made it I was really disappointed in the outcome, but then I stopped to think what I didn’t like about it, it was overly sweet and quite soggy. So I cut out the sugar and reduced the dressing components and didn’t add them until serving. This time the salad turned out great.

1 cup broccoli florets
1 cup coarsely grated broccoli stalks
1 cup grated carrots
1/4 cup sliced red bell pepper
1/4 cup grated onion
1/3 cup raisins
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 cup shredded white cheddar cheese

• In a large mixing bowl, gently combine the broccoli florets, grated broccoli stalks, grated carrot, sliced red pepper, grated onion, raisins and the sunflower seeds.
• Season the salad with salt and pepper.
• Just before serving sprinkle with cider vinegar and add the mayonnaise. • Gently combine.
• Add the white cheddar and serve.

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