Apricots can be packed in sugar syrup or simply vacuum packed or packed into heavy freezer bags. Ordinary plastic bags cannot lock in freshness. Nothing tastes quite as nasty as freezer burnt food. Most fruits, including apricots last remarkably well for about a year. Frozen fruit eventually deteriorates, so it’s a good idea to label and date every package with a permanent marker. There is no point saving frozen food for prosperity. Other than meat or convenience foods, most home preserved foods are forgotten and eventually get tossed when the freezer is cleaned. So start using the frozen fruit you spent money and time preparing as soon as that fresh fruit is gone.
fresh, firm apricots [Don’t freeze overripe, mushy fruit.]
freezer bags
• Wash the apricots in clean running water.
• Slice them in half with a paring knife and take out the stone.
• Lay the apricots on a tray with cut side up.
• Lightly sprinkle the tops with Fruitfresh* and freeze.
• When the fruit is fully frozen pack into bags, label and freeze.
• Frozen apricots last for 1 year.
*Fruitfresh is Ascorbic Acid. It is the same as lemon juice without flavor. Fruitfresh is sold in powder and liquid form. I have only seen it as a powder. You will find it among the canning supplies. It doesn't really keep the fruit fresh; it just stops the fruit oxidizing and turning brown.


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