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Every time I made jam and discarded the skimmed off foam I felt like I was throwing away good food. It turns out I did just that. There is very little about using the foam from jam making, although I knew about adding butter. Butter reduces foaming, but unfortunately, butter treated jam does not last as well. However, I did find a canning site with a good idea here: Foam in Home Jam Making - What It Is and What To Do About It!

With six batches of jam, a considerable amount of foam will accumulate. The foam looked a little different by next morning, but it was still foam. So I followed the instructions, I think I may have microwaved it for 15 minutes one minute at a time, but don’t forget this was the foam from six batches. If you made only one batch of jam, the time needed to reconstitute is much less. But what do you know, the result will be… more jam. The texture is a bit different, but it will be still jam. I packed the reconstituted jam into a sterilized container with a well fitting lid and put it in the fridge. I will use it for breakfast and for baking.

• Place the foam in a large glass bowl and pop it into a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds or so on high.
• Be sure to watch it the entire time, or it may boil over.
• You want to get it hot again and to boil up a bit.
• Once you remove it and it cools, it will look, act and taste like regular jam again.
• Place the reclaimed jam in the fridge and use it up fresh.



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