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You need lemon rind so you grate the skin and then end up throwing away the lemon, because it goes soft in a couple of days. Then you need lemon juice and the rind gets tossed. So making lemon rind and juice at the same time or making rind and fresh lemonade is an economically sound practice, not to mention a time saver when you need one or the other or sometimes both. Its flu season so I don’t make lemon juice these days, I am making fresh lemonade and a lot of it. This way I use all the edible parts of the lemon.

• Wash and dry the lemons.
• Cut off the ends and don’t forget to peel off the stickers.
• With a small sharp knife peel off the yellow skin with as little of the white pulp as possible.
• Put the peels inside the food processor and hit the pulse button a couple of times.
• Pack the rind into a plastic food container with a well fitting lid and freeze.
• When you need lemon rind for your next recipe, you will be glad to have lemon rind all ready to go.


  1. I'm now having a nasty cold and a couple of lemons in the fridge, so your advice might be helpful! Otherwise, if you wonder how to use up mandarin peel, I have made an excellent vodka (a bit sweet), which apparently cures throat ache ;-) , but most of all is delicious... ( I have also tried one with orange zest (, but haven't tasted yet! (still a couple of days to wait)

  2. I hope you are feeling better Sissi! The vodka cure looks delicious!

  3. Thank you! A tiny amount of this mandarin peel vodka does make me feel better, whatever the illness...




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