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Beef stock start out just like beef soup, the only difference is there are no vegetables cooked in the stock; the target is the beef flavour. Strained and with the fat removed; good, homemade beef stock is a nutritional meal for people on a liquid diet.

1-1/2 kg beef brisket
1 kg soup bones
20 cups water
1 onion studded with 10 cloves
2 Tbsp salt

• Place the beef and bones in a large baking pan.
• Bake at 400F for 1 hour until well browned.
• Remove from pan and place in a stockpot.
• Drain off fat from pan.
• Add 1 cup of water and scrape off the brown bits.
• Add that to the pot.
• Add remaining ingredients, except salt.
• Bring slowly to boil, removing scum from the top.
• Cover and slowly simmer for about 1 hour.
• Add salt and slowly simmer for 3-4 more hours.
• Remove meat and vegetables.
• Line a large sieve with wet muslin.
• Strain soup through muslin.
• Chill and remove the congealed fat from the top.


  1. I just don't know of anyone, that would go out of their way to make such and amazing beef stock like yours! Wow, totally incredible!

  2. I think I have never made beef stock. It must be family tradition. My mum either made chicken (or better hen) stock, or both chicken and beef or nothing. I cook beef however from time to time and then use only the meat...

  3. Elisabeth I thought it would be good to add to my recipes for its nutritional properties. Sissi, I mostly make soup with chicken and pork too. I am not a heavy duty real beefeater either - remember the Turks took the cattle away, and yet gulyasleves, marhaporkolt are some of my favourites.




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