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If you have mastered the art of palacsinta making, you will have no problem making rakott palacsinta. I read somewhere you are supposed to eat this chilled. Hmm. There is something unnatural about that. We never waited, the minute I poured the chocolate sauce on the top we dug in. Oh it is good cold too, but we love it hot off the pan. The recipe is very simple. Make the crape batter first and set it aside. It’s good for the batter to rest on the counter. Then you make the chocolate sauce and set that aside. Then you ground the walnuts, and finally set out the apricot jam. A crepe pan or a small non-stick fry pan is essential for this undertaking.

1 batch of palacsinta
1 batch of chocolate sauce
apricot jam
1 cup walnuts, finely ground
oil for frying the crepes

• Make up a batch of palacsinta and set it aside.
• Make a batch of chocolate sauce and set it aside.
• Set out the apricot jam.
• Using a food processor, grind up the walnuts very fine.
• Transfer to a bowl and set the walnuts aside.
• Fry up the batch of palacsinta.
• Get a serving plate and place one palacsinta on it.
• Very, very lightly spread with apricot jam.
• With your hands, lightly sprinkle the top with ground walnuts.
• Lay the next palacsinta on the top and spread with the jam and sprinkle with the walnuts.
• Keep repeating until the final palacsinta is placed on the top.
• Quickly heat up the chocolate sauce and pour it over the top.
• Serves 8



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