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You get home and realize you forgot to take something out of the freezer. It’s 7:30PM, way past the reasonable time to eat and you look for something in the fridge and all there is a small chunk of cream cheese, an even smaller piece of mozzarella, a couple of limp green onions and the tail end of Hungarian sausage. You dash downstairs to the freezer, thank God there is a French bread though shall eat after all. Put the frozen bread in the microwave so you can cut into it, spread the half frozen bread chunks with the cream cheese, top it with a bit of mozzarella, divide the onion and the Hungarian sausage among the pieces, lay them in a baking dish, into the oven they go, turn to broil and watch! Don’t leave it, not even for a moment; you hold the balance between feast and famine. Aaaah this is really good!

Next day you go grocery shopping because you don’t even have milk for your morning coffee. Life… is busy.



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It began with posting a few recipes on line for my family. "zsuzsa is in the kitchen" has more than 1000 Hungarian and International recipes. What started out as a private project turned into a well visited blog. The number of visitors long passed the two million mark. I organized my recipes into an on-line cookbook. On top of the page click on the cookbook to access the recipes. I am not profiting from my blog, so my visitors will not be harassed with advertising or flashy gadgets. Feel free to cut and paste my recipes for your own use. Publication is permitted as long as it is in your own words and with your own photographs. However, I would ask you for an acknowledgement and link-back to my blog. Happy cooking!