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Sarokház means corner house. A corner house is shaped like a slice of cake. The most famous corner house is probably the Flatiron building in New York. The Hungarian dessert that is constructed from a slice of cake and is completely covered with whipped cream is also called sarokház i.e. corner house. Hungarian coffee houses assemble their sarokház from either chocolate, Stefánia or Dobos torts. On one of our first dates in 1967 my husband to be took me to an elegant coffee house in Budapest for espresso and sarokház. There is nothing like sarokház to put Zsuzsa into a sweet mood.

How to assemble it…well, the pictures tell the story. There are pointers though. Assemble just before serving. Use whipping cream with the highest possible fat content. Adding a bit of “whip it”, an Oatker stabilizer, helps too. There are instant whipped creams in pressurized cans on the market; some of them from real cream. But none of these products are stable enough to assemble a sarokház. I have tried, they just slip slide around and collect in a puddle around the cake within seconds.

I cover the entire cake with sweetened whipped cream and pipe more cream to reinforce the form. This is not a sophisticated, complex desert and it was clearly designed with the whipped cream fanatic in mind. And also to use up leftover cakes. Hence the generic name and the fact that no pastry chef stamped his name on it. Although I was quite amazed that there are no sarokház photos on the Internet. Sissi, you now know the rest of the story.

Start with a generous slice of cake

                         Maintaining its shape, cover the entire cake with sweetened whipped cream.

                                        Pipe along the edges to reinforce the cake wedge form.



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