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This is a lovely salad dressing, but it will not last you as long as commercial salad dressings. Make only as much as you can use within a couple of weeks. I used flat leaf parsley but a different herb or a little minced shallot will change the look as well as the flavour of this dressing. It might be tempting to just throw everything in the blender, but it will give you a very different result. Whisk it together by hand, using a small balloon whisk and add the chopped herb at the end. It is a good idea to put it in the fridge for a night so the flavours can blend. Keep it refrigerated and shake it up before use.

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup apricot jam
4 Tbsp white wine vinegar
2 sprigs of fresh flat leaf parsley
2 sprinkling of salt

• Measure the olive oil into a medium sized bowl.
• Add the apricot jam next. The jam will easily slide out of the measuring cup after the olive oil.
• Add the white wine vinegar.
• Using a balloon whisk, whisk the mixture for a couple of minutes.
• Next, chop the flat leaf parsley and sprinkle it with salt.
• Chop some more. The salt will help you chop it up very fine.
• Add to the apricot mixture and whisk to combine.
• Using a funnel, pour the dressing into a salad dressing decanter.
• Chill overnight to blend the flavours, but essentially the dressing is ready to use.


  1. I have never told you this, but I rarely eat jam as... jam. I mean you will never see me having a slice of bread with butter and jam. I do prepare jams every year, not much, but apricot is obligatory because I love its tanginess. Thanks to your blog and to Hungarian cuisine I know apricot jam is excellent with cakes (I still remember my horribly clumsy buy so delicious Zserbo I made following your excellent recipe), I put it on tartlets but I love every original way to use it. (I actually use sometimes apricot jam in drinks, I have posted one where I used apricot palinka+apricot jam and it was febulous). In short, I love you idea and will certainly remember it.

  2. Sissi, I am going to have to make that zserbo one of these days to see if I made a mistake when I typed in the recipe.

  3. Zsuzsa, I absolutely adore this unusual vinaigrette, made with apricot jam! I've never ever heard of this creative method. The photos are lovely, you can see the natural light to give this salad dressing its true beautiful color!
    I do want to pin this on Pinterest, to link back to you...its sooooo pretty, and will be a KEEPER:D

  4. Elisabeth, next time I will make this with sugarfree jam. Instead of adding more vinegar a little less sugar could have been better?




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