Can anything be easier than boiled potatoes? Actually, they can be under cooked, overcooked and cooked apart into a slushy mess. First of all, use potatoes with low starch content. Don’t use russet potatoes they fall apart in water. Lately I have been buying Canadian White; it is delicious and behaves exactly like a red potato. After that make sure your potatoes are of the same size and no bigger than 2 inches in diameter. Cook your potatoes preferably in one row and in no more than two rows. For a lot of potatoes use a Dutch pot with a wide bottom. Your potatoes also have to be blemish free. Cook them for 20 minutes. Poke them in the middle with a sharp knife. Don’t use a fork, it is too dull and can rupture the potatoes. When the knife goes in and the potatoes are still firm, cooking time is over. Pour off the water immediately. Don’t let the potatoes sit in the water for any length of time or they will continue to absorb liquid. Let the potatoes cool down so you can handle them by hand. Peel them gently and then place them back in the pot with the melted butter. Sprinkle with chopped dill and heat up over medium heat.

5-8 low starch potatoes, no bigger than 2 inch diameter
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp melted butter
2 Tbsp freshly chopped dill weed

• Scrub the potatoes and place in a pot.
• Cover with water and add 1/2 tsp of salt.
• Bring to the boil.
• Reduce heat to maintain a slow simmer.
• Cook slowly for twenty minutes or until sharp knife inserted in the middle goes in without resistance, but the potato is still firm. If not sure, err on the side of undercooked.
• Pour off all the water immediately.
• Let the potatoes cool down so you can handle them by hand.
• Gently remove the skin with a small paring knife.
• Place the potatoes back in the pot and pour the melted butter on the top.
• Add the chopped dill and heat up over medium heat.
• Sprinkle with salt and pepper as desired.

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