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Paris cutlets are pork chops, dipped into flour, eggs and flour again, without the use of bread crumbs. What this has to do with Paris I really don’t know. I looked it up and all I got was crepe recipes. I used to make this floury batter when I ran out of breadcrumbs; on the other hand, it gives a completely different taste to breaded cutlets, so it is worth making if nothing else for variety.

4 thin slices of pork chops
1 cup flour
2 well-beaten eggs
oil for deep frying

• Trim off all the bones and the fat.
• On a board pound the meat with meat tenderizer very thin.
• Sprinkle with salt.
• Place the flour and the eggs on separate plates.
• Beat the eggs with a fork until slightly frothy.
• One by one dip the cutlets in the flour; coat well.
• Next dip them in the beaten eggs; coat well.
• Finally dip them in the flour again, coat well and press firmly.
• To avoid cutlets from sticking, separate them with plastic wrap.
• In a large heavy pot, place enough oil for deep frying.
• Heat the oil to medium hot and drop in one or two cutlets.
• Fry cutlets one by one or two at a time depending on the size.
• The oil is hot enough when bubbles form around the cutlets.
• Fry the cutlets to golden crisp. Do not cover the pot.
• To minimize oil absorption, flip cutlets only once.
• Drain cutlets on paper towel.

Leftover cutlets are best eaten cold. But if you must reheat them, place them side by side in an ovenproof dish and bake them briefly at 320F.


  1. It's a very interesting coating! I have never heard about it... The cutlets look really good.

  2. My grandmother used to make this, but she called it Becsi szelet, or Weinersnitzel. The final coating was either flour, or breadcrumbs depending on what was available at the time.

  3. Apparently the breadcrumb version is the Becsi and the flour version is the Francia. Of course that is not how it works in real life. In our family both versions were called rantotthus and it all depended what we had at home. I remember both versions getting on the table at the same time when Nagymama ran out of breadcrumbs in the middle of cooking.

  4. Thank you Sissy, it's what we make when we run out of bread crumbs. :-)

  5. Isn't it nice not to run short of anything? Oh Canada!
    We were short of meat far more often than breadcrumbs.

  6. oh for sure and most of the time is just from lack of planning or forgetfulness. :-)




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