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This was everybody’s favourite on Sundays. Large mounds of fine soup noodles in the middle of the soup plate. You can make this ahead of time, cook it, drain it and in the following 2 to 3 days warm up what you need with a bit of boiling water or very hot soup stock, drain and serve it. Cookbooks will tell you this can be dried and stored. For sure, you can dry it and store it, but at the expense of quality. I think if you make the effort, you might as well eat this fresh. Remember, never store fine soup noodles IN the soup. Always keep fine noodles and soup separate until the meal. Sometimes the meat, vegetables and the noodles are placed on large serving platter and the rich golden soup is served up on its own in the soup tureen. These noodles can be made from all purpose white flour, but you will have better result with bread flour. Of course Hungarian strudel flour is the best. Make this once and you will never want to eat commercial soup noodles again.

1 cup bread flour
sprinkling of salt
1 egg
2 Tbsp water
all purpose flour for rolling

• Combine flour and salt.
• Add the egg and the water and knead until dough forms.
• Wrap the dough in plastic and let it rest for 30 minutes.
• Come back to it and you will have a much easier time kneading the dough once the gluten has developed a little. I call this my wrist saving step.
• Then kneed the dough until very smooth and elastic.
• Wrap the dough in plastic again and let it rest for 30 more minutes. This will relax the dough and make it even more pliable.
• After the second rest, roll out the dough, PAPER THIN, into a very large circle.
• There is no need to flour the board; just keep rotating it 90 degrees and roll.
• Let this dry on a clean tablecloth for 20 minutes. This is a crucial step, do not omit. The dough will be quite leathery by then.
• Now lightly sprinkle the top of the dough with flour and spread it all over with your hands.
• Roll the dough up in jellyroll fashion and with a chef’s knife cut into very fine strands; as fine as you are able.
• Cut a few strands and then separate stands and place on a clean tablecloth in a single layer. You may have to mix a tiny bit of flour into the strands so as not to stick, but go easy, because the added flour can dry the noodles quite rapidly, and you don’t want them to break up before cooking.
• Cook the noodles in salted water until tender.
• Drain.
• Portion out the hot noodles on warm soup plates and ladle the hot soup over the top. Jó étvágyat!




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