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I never heard of kitchen towel dumplings before. Austrians know it as Serviettenknödel. It’s the Austrian-Viennese equivalent of the Hungarian zsemlegombóc. The first time I saw it was on a cooking video; Ferenc Gyarmati, Hungarian chef was preparing szalvétagombóc as an accompaniment to Hunter Stew. The reason for the name of course is in the rather original method of preparation; the dumpling used to be rolled and tied into a kitchen towel and boiled in pre aluminum foil and plastic days. This is the video; you might find it helpful to watch the chef preparing it. I was truly surprised how good this dumpling tasted and considering how much less mess I made in the kitchen, kitchen towel dumpling quickly replaced the traditional Hungarian zsemlegombóc for us.

6-8 slice of light rye
3 Tbsp oil
4 eggs
3/4 cup water
salt and pepper to taste
fresh parsley, chopped fine

• While assembling the dumplings, put a large pot of water on the stove to boil.
• Cut all the bread into cubes.
• Place 1/3 of the bread cubes in a large bowl.
• Quickly fry 2/3 of the bread cubes in the oil to get a golden color, but not brown.
• Remove fried bread cubes and set aside on a paper towel.
• In a separate bowl whisk the eggs.
• Add the water, salt and pepper to the eggs and whisk to combine.
• Add the egg mixture to the un-fried bread in the large bowl.
• Combine well.
• Add the finely chopped fresh parsley combining well.
• Finally stir in the fried bread cubes.
• Cut a 12 inch strip from the aluminum foil.
• Place a strip of heavy plastic wrap on the top.
• Arrange half of the bread cube mixture along one end of the foil/plastic wrap.
• Shape it into a log and roll it into the foil/plastic wrap burrito style.
• Tuck the ends under.
• Repeat the wrapping with the remaining bread cube mixture.
• Gently place both packages in the boiling water.
• Reduce heat to continuous simmer and cook dumplings for twenty minutes.
• Set aside cooked dumplings until serving the meal.
• Remove the foil/plastic wraps and slice dumplings.
• Serve the dumplings with Hunter Stew.




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