“Egy tojást felversz, belekevered a grízt, olyan legyen mint a jó malter, csipetnyi só. Fövő sós vízbe beszaggatod a galuskákat. Ha túl lágyra kevered szétesnek, ki kell dobni! Ha túl keményre akkor kemény marad s azon úgy segítesz, hogy hideg vizet öntessz hozzá, lefeded és alacsony tüzön lassan felfőzöd. Akkorák lesznek mint az öklöd és finom puha de nem omlós. Úgy is tettem, azóta minden galuskám igen finom. Isten nyugtasson Drága Édesanyám. Toronto Kanada” Yes, well, my guess is he had to have a few failures before he learned to make this stuff.

I keep getting questions from people about gríznokedli, those lovely Hungarian soup dumplings. There is more on semolina here and an alternate, easier recipe on the gríznokedli here.

Scant 2/3 cup [100 g] semolina
1 large egg
3-1/3 Tbsp [50g] soft butter
• Combine ingredients, cover and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.
• Fill a medium Dutch pot with water and bring to a steady simmer.
• I use a soup spoon to scoop up the semolina mixture and a teaspoon to guide it into the simmering water.
• Dip the tablespoon into the simmering water and scoop up about a half a tablespoon of farina mixture.
• Dip the spoon into the simmering water and guide the semolina mixture into the simmering water.
• Repeat until all the semolina mixture is gone.
• With a large slotted spoon transfer dumplings to a dish.
• To serve transfer 3-4 dumplings to the soup bowl and pour the hot soup on the top.
• Do not store these dumplings in the soup.

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