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This is very different from western bacon and eggs and if you are into stiff, super crispy bacon you won’t like it. But this is how they like it in Hungary, and most often it is made for the evening meal. I don’t remember ever having eggs for breakfast as a kid, although customs change and with westernization come new things, maybe even rántotta for breakfast.

1/2 cup diced slab bacon
1 Hungarian yellow pepper [optional]
3 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
sprinkling of Hungarian paprika

• Slow fry the diced bacon until transparent in a non stick skillet.
• Add the sliced Hungarian pepper and sauté until transparent.
• Pour off the excess bacon fat.
• Whisk well the eggs and season to taste with salt and pepper.
• Pour into the skillet, tilting the pan.
• Make sure the temperature is at a low medium. There must not be browned spots on the egg as it cooks. If needed pull the skillet off the heat periodically. Gently turn over parts and when the egg is no longer runny remove from heat. There still be residual heat left and the egg will continue to cook even after the skillet is removed from the heat.
• Sprinkle it with Hungarian paprika and serve it immediately with a chunk of rustic bread.



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