Don’t like Brussels sprouts? That’s because you only had them bitter and overcooked. First of all, don’t overcook! Overcooking gives Brussels sprouts the bitter taste. When a knife is inserted into the stem end, it should be barely tender. Look for very small sprouts. Unless they are cut in half, medium to large sprouts are destined for overcooking; the outside is already mushy and the inside is still tough. Cook sprouts just before serving; let them sit for no longer than 7-10 minutes. When Brussels sprouts are ready, they should be just tender, bright green and have a sweet and nutty taste.

• Rinse Brussels sprouts with cold water and drain.
• Trim the stem ends without cutting the base.
• Cut a shallow “x” in the base, so stems cook faster
• Cut large sprouts lengthwise in half. This is important!
• Fill a large saucepan with water and bring to rolling boil.
• Add the Brussels sprouts and cook until just tender. (10-15 minutes*)
• Drizzle sprouts with lemon-infused olive oil.

*This is not a guide to follow, just an approximation to help you plan. The important thing is, don't leave them unattended, there is a fine line between a great dish of Brussels sprouts and a ruined one.

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