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Yogurt cheese is a great substitute for sour cream and crème fraiche. Yogurt cheese tastes much better than any low fat or fat free sour cream. Yogurt cheese can even be used in place of crème fraiche. Crème fraiche is a thick cream used in sauces and soups and to compliment fruit. Although Yogurt cheese is not as stable as crème fraiche, it doesn’t whip, but with a little sugar or sweetener stirred into it - yogurt cheese is a wonderful addition to all kinds of fruits and fruit based desserts.

1 cup of fat free plain yogurt [without gelatine] can yield close to 2/3 cup of yogurt cheese.

Place a cheese cloth lined sieve over a bowl and let the yogurt drip for 8 hours or so. Discard the liquid and refrigerate the yogurt cheese.




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