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There is a plain Greek yogurt on the market that is thick, rich with a fat content of 11%. There is no need to drip this yogurt, it’s thick and sweet and contains no gelatine. It’s the Olympic “Krema”.

I used fresh strawberries here, but you can make frozen yogurt with freezer jam too. When I make cooked jam, I will reserve the foam spooned of the jam. I let it cool completely and then stir it into Greek style yoghurt and make it into frozen yoghurt in the Donvier. This frozen yogurt is so stable, you don’t need to put it in the freezer to solidify, you can eat it right of way. The one thing you have to watch is not to stir the yogurt too much or it will liquefy like any other yoghurt.

Donvier ice cream maker
1-1/2 cups crushed fruit
1-1/2 cups [11% M.F.] Greek style yogurt
sugar or honey to taste

• Wash, debone and chop the ripe fruit.
• Place in a food processor and blend smooth.
• Strain the fruit if you used berries.
• Place the fruit in a small bowl and sweeten to taste.
• Make sure there is minimal tang left.
• Place the Greek style yogurt in a medium sized bowl.
• Gently stir in the sweetened fruit.
• Stirring the yoghurt should be minimal.
• There will be swirls of fruit, but that will disappear while the ice cream is processed.
• Place the yogurt mixture inside the Donvier and process to directions.
• Serve or spoon into freezer safe containers and freeze to serve later.



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