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These fries are simply amazing! They are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Plus they are less greasy than regular fries are. Deep fried potatoes absorb much less oil if they are partially cooked first. You will need

5 red potatoes and
oil for deep frying

• Cut the potatoes into ~1 inch cubes or a bit smaller.
• Bring a large pot of water to rapid boil.
• Add the potatoes and bring to boil.
• Cook the potatoes partially, potatoes should remain firm.
• Drain well.
• Place oil in a large, heavy pot.
• Bring oil to boil on medium high heat.
• Add the potato cubes and cook, stirring occasionally, until potatoes brown.
• Remove potatoes with a slotted spoon.
• Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt.
• Serve immediately.



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It began with posting a few recipes on line for my family. "zsuzsa is in the kitchen" has more than 1000 Hungarian and International recipes. What started out as a private project turned into a well visited blog. The number of visitors long passed the two million mark. I organized my recipes into an on-line cookbook. On top of the page click on the cookbook to access the recipes. I am not profiting from my blog, so my visitors will not be harassed with advertising or flashy gadgets. Feel free to cut and paste my recipes for your own use. Publication is permitted as long as it is in your own words and with your own photographs. However, I would ask you for an acknowledgement and link-back to my blog. Happy cooking!