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I have a 4 litre electric ice cream maker. It made good ice cream, but I had to feed it ice and salt in huge quantities. Imagine the ice and the salt costing more than the cream! Then I bought a small Donvier. It’s a hand crank ice cream maker. After that I never had to worry about having enough ice or salt again.

We bought a new fridge. I placed my Donvier in the freezer the night before, as I always do, and the next morning I proceed to make ice cream. I wait and wait an hour passes and still no ice cream. Did you read the instruction says Jim? Then Jim says the freezer section of the new fridge is set differently and that I should have put the Donvier in the basement freezer. Good to know, but its too late for making the ice cream. Or is it? I pour the stuff into a regular bowl and put it in the not so cold freezer upstairs with a whisk and leave it. I come back a few times to whisk it and by the evening we have vanilla ice cream. I still prefer my small Donvier, but now I know I can make ice cream in a not so cold freezer also. I doubled my usual quantity here to make it 1 litre of ice cream.


4 cups half and half
1 cup icing sugar
2 tsp pure vanilla

• In a bowl combine the cream, sugar and the vanilla extract.
• Place it in a not so cold freezer [it should still freeze the stuff, just not rock hard]
• Put a strong metal whisk in the bowl and leave it.
• Whisk it once every couple of hours.
• In 8-10 hours the ice cream is scoop-able.

the Truth About Creams:

Heavy Cream 36% FAT
Whipping Cream 30% FAT
Table Cream18% FAT
Half & Half 10% FAT



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